KOOYA Red Tumblr 500ml


■サイズ 本体サイズ:φ82×188(mm)


■材質 PP/AS/他

















■ Size: φ82×188(mm)

■Capacity: 500ml

■ Material PP, AS, etc.

●The lid is not completely sealed with the body.Please be aware that if you fall down, your contents may spill out.

● Even if the screws are tight, the cover and the body are not completely sealed.If you are concerned about wetting the mount, please take it out and clean it.

●The mount may get wet, so please do not soak it and wash it.

●Depending on the temperature difference between the beverage and the product, dew condensation may occur.In that case, please take the body and cover apart and wipe them off.

●Do not put in beverages, dry ice, carbonated drinks, or alcohols that are above the heat resistance.

●Please do not use the dishwasher.

● It cannot be used in microwave ovens or on direct fire.

●There is a risk of damage when put in the freezer.

●It has no effect of keeping warm or cool.